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Endodontic Evaluation

At Altitude Endodontics, we like to do a thorough evaluation before deciding on a treatment plan. It’s important to fully understand the patient’s condition before proceeding with any treatment option. To diagnose your condition, you have to take a thorough medical and dental history as well as perform a number of clinical tests. 

Dr. Benjamin Ricketts will sit down with you and ask you a number of questions relevant to the problem you’re having. X-rays may be necessary as well as to see into the pulp cavity of any affected teeth. Only after being certain of a diagnosis will he proceed with implementing the appropriate treatment option.

Medical/Dental History
As part of your evaluation, it’s important to know your past treatment, any drugs you’re taking, and any allergies you might have to antibiotics or anesthetic drugs. Additionally, your endodontist will want to know what your chief complaint is, the symptoms you’ve experienced, when the problem began, and where it is located.
Once your endodontist has this information, they can begin to narrow down the possible causes for your problem. They may then move to an examination and clinical testing to arrive at a diagnosis.
Clinical Exam/Clinical Testing

The clinical exam and testing involve assessing your facial symmetry, your sinus tract, and your soft tissue appearance. Your endodontist will often then move on to clinical testing which may involve pulp tests using heat and cold as well as an electric pulp test. They may also do periapical tests, percussion tests, and palpation tests. 

Frequently, endodontists will also use X-rays, both traditional and cone-beam CT scans, to better visualize the pulp cavity. All of these tests will make it easier for your endodontist to diagnose your problem. Once they are able to make a diagnosis, they can develop and implement an appropriate treatment plan. 

It’s vital that you tell your endodontist all of the symptoms you’ve been experiencing and for how long so they know what they need to do to confirm the problem you have. You should also feel free to ask any questions you might have. It’s important to feel completely comfortable with your endodontist and the treatment plan they have for you.

Contact Us for a Thorough Evaluation
If you’re experiencing pain and fear you might need an endodontist, give the office of Dr. Benjamin Ricketts a call today. We’ll do a thorough evaluation and determine the appropriate treatment for your case. We’ll also be happy to answer all of your questions so you feel comfortable with the treatment plan.